Winter Season 2020 Update

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Will the winter season be going ahead?

Yes it will, subject to government restrictions. As per the Wanneroo Basketball Association “Roadmap to Basketball”, we plan to return to domestic competition in the Stage 4 “Orange 50” phase. This could be in effect once the next phase of government restrictions are lifted.

The proposed Stage 4 Domestic season will look different to our normal winter season, however, the players will be able to play in a competition in this phase.


How long will the new season run for and what will the fees be?

The proposed season (subject to government restrictions) will be about 11 weeks long and will cost $135 in fees. This includes $100 fee to Wanneroo Basketball Association and $35 for training venue hire, antiseptic ball wipes and uniforms. There will be no coach or sibling discount available for the modified season.


What happens if I already registered my child for the Winter season?

Can all parents please complete the following questionnaire (per Child) –

If they are returning we will place your child in a team as we usually do. You will receive information soon about training and coach’s name etc.


What will happen to the extra money that I paid when I registered my child for winter?

The difference will be refunded to you.  Please contact with your child’s name and bank account details.  The refund will happen at the commencement of the Winter Season.


What do I do if I registered for the Winter 2020 season, but then received a refund?

If you received a refund, but now you would like to return to play for Winter, that’s not a problem. Please arrange for $135 to be deposited into the Club’s bank account (BSB No 036 226 Account No: 122726) using your child’s name as the reference.


What happens if I didn’t register my child for the Winter 2020 season, but now we want to play?

That is fantastic! We are welcoming returning players and new players for this coming season. There will be a different registration link for the new season, so please don’t use an old one. If you want to register, contact: or

Feel free to pass these email addresses on to any friends you have who would like to play too.


What is the start date for the Winter 2020 season?

We don’t yet have a confirmed start date, but we are confident that it isn’t too far away so we need to get ready.


What if I have changed my mind and no longer want to play the winter 2020 season?

Please let us know as soon as possible by completing the questionnaire above.  We will take you off the system and arrange for your money to be refunded.


When will training start?

We are now able to train, within the “Stage Three Orange 24” regulations. Our ability to train is dependent upon our training venues. Some of our training venues are not available yet, but we should have enough court space to get training up and running soon.  Watch this space.


How will I know what team my child is in and when training will be?

As you can imagine, we have a lot of work to do this week to enable this to happen, and all of our committee members have full time jobs. Please be patient.

We are now working hard on finalising DRAFT teams and a training schedule. The makeup of teams may change slightly in the coming weeks, and training days may move if needed, but we will start with a plan and work from there. Please be flexible.

We will email coaches with team lists next week and then coaches will contact their teams.


What safety precautions will need to be in place when training?

We must follow the guidance of our training venues and adhere to all the entrance/exit guidelines, signage, physical distancing etc at the venues.

  • Basketballs must be cleaned with antiseptic wipes prior to each training session. Pumas will supply the antiseptic wipes for coaches.
  • Players can share balls, so we recommend using 3-4 balls per training to minimise how many balls need to be wiped.
  • Players must use hand-sanitiser before training. This will need to be supplied by the individual child.
  • Players can engage in contact drills and scrimmages. A full list of guidelines for coaches is available from Basketball WA and we will share this with our coaches.
  • Players must not attend training if they are sick.
  • Parents who attend training must follow the guidelines outlined by the centres in which we train. To minimise numbers inside, perhaps you could drop off and pick up where possible. Speak to your coach about this.

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